Heavily Peated Waterford is here to stay

Waterford is no longer a newcomer in the Irish whisky scene. It’s a brand with a wide range of different bottlings, ensuring that every whisky enthusiast can find a bottle to their liking, except for the peatheads among us.

Until recently, that is because Waterford has recently released the Fenniscourt 1.1 at 38 ppm and the slightly more heavily peated Ballybannon 1.1 at 47 ppm. These are now joined by the launch of Lacken 1.1 at 57 ppm and finally Woodbrook 1.1 at 74 ppm. As always, bottled at 50% ABV.

With these two releases, Waterford can now offer a complete range of peated whiskies, ranging from “lightly” peated to heavily peated. With this range, Waterford silences its critics, proving that they are not a one-trick pony but can cater to enthusiasts in every corner of the flavor spectrum!

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