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Teeling Single Cask 2002 NEC

The Teeling Single Cask 2002 is a powerfull, full body Irish whiskey. This is old stock the Teeling family was able to recover when selling Cooley Whiskey Company to Beam. This is excellent whisky, but not for inexperienced drinkers.

Teeling Single Pot Still

The Teeling Single Pot Still is the first commercial original Irish whiskey expression produced in the new distillery in Dublin. If you are a fan this is a must have. It is only now that you can buy this one. Afterwards it is to late or prices might be ridiculous.

To celebrate this new milestone here is a gift for whoever is up for it.

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Dublin’s first Single Pot Still Whiskey

It has been a long time coming. The evolution of Teeling Irish Whiskey is one we’ve watched since mid-2014, when they first debuted some older sourced whiskey expressions alongside the stated goal of bringing whiskey making back into the heart of Dublin, Ireland. This they accomplished in early 2015 when their first barrel of aging whiskey was laid down even as they shortly thereafter opened the doors to their new distillery to the public. And now, in a move which brings them full circle, Teeling Whiskey, well known for full bodied, fruity Irish whiskey has finally produced it’s first Single Pot Still Whiskey in its distillery in Dublin.

Now available.

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Dublin Whiskey is Reborn with the release of the Teeling Single Pot Still:

Teeling Single Pot Still is the first new Dublin distilled Irish whiskey to be released for nearly 50 years, marking the true revival for the craft of distilling in the city. All the previous releases was stock whiskey produced at C***** distillery.

Price probably around €50

Maturation happened on a combination of virgin oak, bourbon  and wine casks.

Tasting notes:

  • Color: old gold
  • Nose: aromas of hibiscus, honey, white grapes, grapefruit and citrus.
  • Palate: Lychee, white grapes, white pepper, roasted peaches and baked biscuit.
  • The finish is nicely dry with hints of spices, roasted almonds and Ahorn sugar.

Leave a message, if you want me to try and get you a bottle.

No guarantees!

The rise of the Phoenix

  • No fancy box
  • No extra-ordinary whisky bottle
  • No arty-farty label
  • No extra gimmicks to pimp the bottle or sell the whisky for something that it is not.

This is GREAT whisky!!!

Cask strength, full bodied, rich fruity flavors, … .

I really can’t imagine someone who likes whisky not appreciating this one.

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Teeling Single Cask 2002 NEC