Creatures of the Forest

This project has been in the making for a long while now. I am really happy that I finalized it. And want to thank the teacher and the childeren of the art school in Limburg who made this possible. The bottles look like nothing you have ever seen in any store.

This very limited release of 12 Single Grain and 12 Single Malt Scotch Whiskies has been a collaboration with the childrens department of the local Art School in Heusden-Zolder, Limburg, Belgium.

At a local show of Belgians best known comedian Urbanus these drawings caught my eye. The theme and the use of wood veneer just made me instantly think of how cool these would look as whisky labels.

All the labels have been hand drawn by the kids of the school who had as theme: Creatures of the Forest. All drawings have been done on wood veneers. Afterwards they have been manually applied to the bottles.

Bottle tags with the whisky details have been attached with cotton rope to every single bottle, so you know what you are drinking.

This is single cask, cask strength Scotch. This is not your starting dram or for the faint of heart. These whiskies are the real, pure liquid straight from the cask. They have not been refined by blending away any rough edges or cut down in strength by the use of water. We leave that experiment to your liking. These whiskies are bold enough to take some water to smooth them over or give way for the different aromas hidden behind a vail of alcohol vapors.

Treat these whiskies like a good old wine, let them breath a while before drinking them.

Cameronbridge 36yo – Highland Single Grain Scotch

Speyside 23yo – Single Malt Scotch

PLANTATION AUSTRALIA 2007 49,3 – Coming soon

Plantation Australia 14 Years is the first time for Plantation that they have received a rum from Australia. After 13 years of aging in Australia, another year of finish followed in other barrels in France. The great aromatic complexity of Plantation Australia 2007, distilled in pot stills, owes its personality to the specific yeasts used during fermentation. Aged for 13 years in ex-bourbon casks in the cellars of Beenleigh Artisan Distillery, the 21 casks were selected by Alexandre Gabriel, then made the sea voyage to Javrezac, in the Charente region of France, where the rum matured for another year in Ferrand French oak barrels. His assertive personality perfectly reflects the richness of the Australian terroir and the savoir-faire of the creators of Beenleigh Artisan Distillery. Aromas of stone fruits, such as those of apricots and peaches, combined with notes of fresh vanilla, coconut and raisins. The nose closes with floral aromas of irises and lilac trees. Rich aromas of stewed fruit and cocoa are predominant, subtly completed by citrus notes.

The 2020 Vintages Collection

In honor of their exceptional character, the bottles of the Plantation «terroir» rum collection are now decorated with special labels worthy of the uniqueness of each vintage and each country of origin. For the 2020 editions, local birds brighten the labels with their colorful feathers. These exotic images, evoking the iconic illustrations of the Comte de Buffon, are a real treat for the eye.

Plantation’s “Four-Hands” program

The “Four-Hands” program exemplifies the philosophy at the heart of the brand: the essential preservation of rum cultures and their traditions. Our vintage rums are the fruit of inspired collaboration between Alexandre and passionate distillers, who work together to select and blend the barrels that will form an ideal unison. Like pianists, they share a keyboard to perform a duet. The goal: To bring out a product’s finest elements and create perfect harmony.

Big whisky for a small price

Glenlossie is for your average whisky enthusiast mostly unknown, which is a pity.

Glenlossie is a comlex of two distilleries. The Glenlossie and the Mannochmore distillery. They have two still houses and are used one after another. But they share the same warehouse.

It will be hard to find official bottles of this distillery if any. But a lot of independent bottlers will have releases of this beautiful scotch.

This whisky is a fruity, full bodied Speyside Malt that lingers on. Where else can you found a Single Malt of this age for less than €100.

Order here.

Some new arrivals and awaited icons

I am not going to elaborate to much. You can get into the details clicking on each individual product.

Just to let you all know we have some highly anticipated arrivals and some new comers delivered, so check out whatever makes you curious:

Arran 23yo Drumadoon Point – Explorers Series

Mannochomore 11y – The Single Malts of Scotland

Teaninich 11yo – The Single Malts of Scotland

Pierre Ferrand Cognac – Single Cask – Cask Strength