COMING SOON: Ichiro’s Malt& Grain

An assembly of malt and grain whiskies (hence its name), this blend is the result of the hard work of Ichiro Akuto, Distiller and owner of Chichibu and also independent bottler of some of the most rare Japanese whiskies (Hanyu, Kawasaki, … ). Known for a long time for its assemblies of malts (Mizunara Wood Reserve, Ginkgo, Double Distilleries), it is now the first time that Ichiro is selling its blends outside of Japan.

Bottled at 46.5%, filtered non-chill, this young whiskey is rich in taste and full of character, with which Ichiro fully expresses his talent.

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1 bid and 1 bid only auction – Get your set of GoT-Whisky!

A special auction to give you the change to get a full series of


What is this series worth to you? That’s the only question you should ask yourself.

  • There is an unknown reserve price, set as an minimum price to meet before the collection will be sold (you get an idea if you followed us when we offered the series for preordering).
  • Everyone can place a bid, but one bid only; you can’t modify it once you placed it.
  • You cannot see who else is bidding.
  • You cannot see what someone else is bidding.
  • The highest bid gets to buy the bottles at the bidden price (in €).
  • There are NO hidden costs, NO participation fee, NO handling fee.  Your bid is the price of the series, tax included.
  • If you want it shipped you will have to pay for the shipping.
  • Start of the bidding: NOW!
  • End of the bidding: Sunday 24th March 14h00!


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Ladies and Gentlemen place your bids!!!

Full ‘Game of Thrones’ series

‘The Game of Thrones’ whisky series seems to be as popular as the TV-series itself.


We managed to get our hands on an extra 2 full series, 8 bottles/series.

We will soon offer these on the website through a new auction concept.

Everyone can place just 1 bid and 1 bid only in a personal message to me. There will be a deadline to end all bids. There will be a minimum price for the series, but this will be unknown to the customer, there is no limit on the highest bid.

The idea is that you place a bid on the GoT-series for what it is worth to you. If you bid more than the minimum price you are in the running of being able to buy the series.

The one with the highest bid gets to buy the GoT-series. No one gets to know the bid of another customer, nor whom is bidding.

After the deadline we will post the list of those who placed a bid, so everyone can check that we are treating the bidding correctly. For privacy reasons we will only display the abbreviated names.

We could easily put these series up for regular auction and let customers outbid each other, but we believe it is more fair to let everyone place just one bid for what the bottles are worth to them.

So be mindful of our coming posts, because the GoT-series is coming (available again).

More on the series


Rum for whisky enthusiasts

A lot of whisky drinkers don’t like the sweetness of rum. As everyone should know this sweetness is not there because you distill molasse or sugar cane juice, rather it has been added after the distillation process, which is a bit of a shame. Surely for certain brands were they add around 50 gr of sugar per liter.


So, here we have a rum, aged for 18 years and bottled at cask strength with no additional sugar or coloring added.

You don’t find these types of rum easily.

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Glendronach Master Vintage 1993 25yo – PRE-ORDER

In 1826, deep in the Forgue valley of the east Highland hills, our founder James Allardice
built his distillery. He named it ‘GlenDronach’, Scots Gaelic for ‘valley of the brambles’.
So began our dedicated quest of nearly two centuries, to master a signature style which is elegant, rich
and robust, maturing The GlenDronach in the finest sherry casks from Andalucia in Spain.
Sherry casks laid down in 1993 have received high praise, ….


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