Another beauty by whisky rebel Compass Box

For over 30 years, Juveniles Bistrot à Vins in the 1st arrondissement of Paris has been a crossroads for winemakers, spirits producers, writers and various sorts of affable hedonists from all over the world.
Compass Box & Juveniles share a similar approach to good food and drink, seeking out integrity and not taking things too seriously. Both businesses are obsessed with quality and provenance. Both like to do things in their own way.

These common traits have made Compass Box and Juveniles good friends since the very first meeting between Tim and John years ago. They have collaborated with Tim on Juveniles whiskies several times.

For this Limited Edition,Tim asked them to create something “…bright, smooth, not smoky…an assemblage perhaps between 12 and 15 years-old…”. They’ve tried to give him all that an much more. This assemblage comprises single malt whiskies from four distilleries, each bringing a distinctiveness to the whole.

You’ll find notes of barley sugar, pear drop and vanilla, complemented by an ethereal underlying herbal character. It’s a whisky to be enjoyed with great food and even better company.

Bottled at 46% ABV.
Not chill-filtered.
Natural colour.
Lead Blender -John Glaser

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The perfect spirit to enjoy RAMMSTEIN

On September 17th Rammstein announces on their websites: “Almost done! Orchestra and choir recordings in Minsk for album No.7.” Additionally, the band is making two pictures from the session public, with a quotation from their song “Adios” that also could be interpreted as working orders for Rammstein: “Fiddle-burning with screeches, harps cut into the flesh [“Geigen brennen mit Gekreisch, Harfen schneiden sich ins Fleisch“].” It is almost ten years now that Rammstein fans have had to wait longingly for the follow-up to “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da”. No wonder that the announcement of new music has spread through the international press like wildfire. Now Rammstein is adding more logs to the flames: parallel to the appearance of their as yet untitled new album (Spring 2019), the band is playing their first-ever stadium tour starting in May. Whoever has seen the band’s dramatic, perfectly staged live shows, might have thought that it couldn’t get any bigger, but with Rammstein, you can be certain that the band has planned something extraordinary for these even mightier stages!
Rammstein 07/10/2019 Brussels, Stade Roi Baudouin.

Have a dram and enjoy the music!

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Old and mostly unknown

A third entry in the Diageo Special Releases for Pittyvaich. It’s a rare whisky to see as the distillery was closed in 1993 and very few casks have made it out into the wild. Fortunately, Diageo have dropped another 1989-vintage edition in the Special Releases, giving us a chance to try the distillery’s idiosyncratic style. It was matured in refill American-oak hogsheads and the gentle wood influence has revealed a core of fruity spirit.

Cask wood: refill American oak hogsheads.

Availability: 4,680 bottles.

Pittyvaich was a small distillery that was only open from 1974 to 1993. A 25 YO version was released as part of the Special Releases in 2015, so this year’s release is presumably from the same stock with 3 additional years of again.

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Arran Smugglers Series – Auction


The blind auction of the Arran Smuggler Series has ended.

It ran from Saturday 27th April 8h00 till Sunday 5th Mai 13h00.

We are sad to say that the reserve has not been met. It was set at €650.


The highest bid was from KC with €600, which came pretty close. Second in line was JVdE with €512.

So maybe in the future we will offer the series once more for auction or maybe we will just organize a tasting with the full set. Who knows?

Thanks for playing!