New arrivals in the Thistle shop

Discover the latest additions to our whisky collection, meticulously selected to delight the taste buds of every connoisseur. Our selection today welcomes exclusive bottles from around the globe, including the refined Teeling SB Pinot Noir Suez at a unique 46°, embodying a fusion of Irish craftsmanship and French wine tradition. Also in the spotlight is the Teeling Crystal Malt 46°, a masterpiece of clarity and complexity, and the robust Arran 2009 13Y Single Cask at 56.7°, specially bottled for The Nectar, promising an unforgettable taste experience.

For enthusiasts of Scottish whisky, we introduce the Kilkerran 12Y 46° and the exceptional Kilkerran 8Y CS Oloroso 57.4°, each with their distinct character and intensity that reflect the rich heritage of Glengyle distillery. The peated Longrow 46° and the classic Springbank 10Y 46° offer a deep dive into Campbeltown tradition, while the Springbank Local Barley 13Y 54.1° treats aficionados to the essence of locally grown barley (will be offered through a loyalty action).

Our collection would not be complete without rare finds such as the Ardmore 1997 22Y 48.7° DD, celebrating a quarter century of craftsmanship and aging, and the Cadenhead’s 7 Stars Blend 46°, a symbol of blending perfection. With the addition of exclusive bottlings from the Cadenhead’s Original Collection and special selections for The Nectar, we offer something unique for every whisky collector and enthusiast. Experience the richness of global whisky traditions with our latest treasures.

Cadenhead’s Enigma series

The whiskies bottled in the Cadenhead’s Enigma series are just that – unusual, hard to quantify, perhaps even slightly contradictory. They can be single casks, vattings of multiple casks, blends, blended malts or whatever else they can find that doesn’t fit into their existing bottling lineup but meets their only essential criteria – that they’re good.

We finally came to posting these two Enigma bottlings

Looking for some products of the Springbank family?

Kilkerran, Hazelburn, Longrow and Springbank are all coming from two distilleries, but they are all part of the Springbank family for me.

Most of them are hard to get your hands on, especially the limited releases like the recent 10yo Palo Cortado.


Box Bizar is coming

Box Bizar 5 windows

Neem een kijkje in de wereld van Box Bizar, een uniek project dat zijn deuren zal openen in het schilderachtige gehuchtje Ten Broek in Sint-Genesius-Rode, België.

Dit toekomstige project, Box Bizar, dat zich nog in de opstartfase bevindt, belooft een vernieuwende belevingsruimte te worden die volledig in het teken staat van de boeiende wereld van sterke dranken. Als een toevluchtsoord voor liefhebbers en ontdekkingsreizigers die verlangen naar een prikkeling van hun zintuigen en een verdieping in de kunst van distilleren, staat Box Bizar aan de vooravond van het bieden van een unieke ervaring. Te midden van een betoverende omgeving, smeedt Box Bizar een perfecte symbiose tussen traditie en innovatie. Het project nodigt toekomstige bezoekers uit voor een exploratieve reis waarbij smaak, kennis en beleving hand in hand gaan. Zet je schrap voor een avontuur dat je meeneemt door een scala aan ontdekkingen en verrassingen, recht in het kloppende hart van België.

How much do you want these? Springbank Palo Cortado, Longrow 21y, Springbank 15y, Hazelburn 15y Sherry, Cadenhead’s Enigma 25y blend, …

The long awaited Springbank distillery gems have recently arrived.

Unfortunately, these bottles are too often left unopened and are frequently sold by collectors at significant profits at auctions.

At Thistle, we hope that our customers purchase these bottles to taste and share with friends. We offer the bottles above at regular retail prices, but under certain conditions:

  • Existing customers will have a pre-sale opportunity and will be notified via email, where they can purchase the offered bottles with a password.
  • Due to the extremely limited allocation, we are offering only one bottle per customer.
  • There will be a social media campaign linked to the sale (so it won’t be the wealthiest, the quickest, etc., customer who can purchase a bottle, but the customer who comes up with the most creative approach and who supports and stayed loyal to our store).

Our mail to all existing customers will go out in the first week of 2024, so you still have the opportunity to become an existing client and participate in the campaign to buy one of these bottles at normal retail prices.