It doesn’t always have to cost a fortune

Value for money

Although prices of a lot whisky’s are going through the roof nowadays, it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to find a nice, non-standard whisky.

Most of the time we offer older, more exclusive, pricier bottles, but we thought it to be fun to go and look for some more affordable bottles, where you don’t need to worry about the loss of investment when opening them.

So please enjoy this small selection of great whisky’s

Great affordable Irish Whiskey

Boann Distillery

Not everyone will have heard from Boann Distillery, situated in Ireland. There current products might be better known: The Whistler.

Irish whiskey is rapidly becoming more popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if it overtakes Scotch as the most popular whisky in the world. Irish whiskey does not have the restrictions that Scotch has.

Here are some very nice, daily drinking whiskey’s that are very affordable.

Springbank & Glengyle Whisky available

As we all know everything from Springbank Distillery or Glengyle Distillery is getting very hard to find and often at ridiculous prices.

We ‘ve got some very limited stock in of

  • Hazelburn 10yo,
  • Springbank 10yo,
  • Springbank 15yo,
  • Kilkerran 16yo,
  • Kilkerran Heavily Peated batch 5,
  • Kilkerran Heavily Peated batch 7,
  • Kilkerran 8y CS Port Cask,
  • Kilkerran 8yo CS Sherry Cask,

and are happy to sell them at normal retail prices.


We also have the following available without any purchase restrictions.

Wonders of wood

Introducing the Wonders of Wood, a series of Dublin Distilled Single Pot Still whiskeys that has been honoured as the World’s Best Single Pot Still Whiskey in 2022!

At Teeling Whiskey they believe in driving the evolution of Irish Whiskey through the creation of unconventional and unique expressions. Their Wonders of Wood Series is part of this innovative mission as they strive to push the boundaries of flavour by using unique styles of wood for maturation.

In partnership with the Tree Council of Ireland, the Wonders of Wood series will help to plant exclusively native Irish tree Species in our own designated acre of land in the Wicklow area of Ireland.

The first edition of our Wonders of Wood bottlings consists of our single pot crafted from a recipe of 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley which has been triple distilled in our Dublin distillery and fully matured in virgin Chinkapin American white oak casks. This special release is bottled at 50% abv with no chill filtration.

The second edition of the Wonders of Wood bottlings is fully matured in virgin Portuguese oak casks. Portuguese oak is native to the Iberian Peninsula and has a higher tannin content than other oak variants normally used in the whiskey industry. During maturation it produces a distinct savoury marmalade flavour with warming hints of tobacco and pepper unique to Irish whiskey.

Both editions are available are in stock. Order by clicking the pictures.

Milk & Honey distillery going experimental

M&H Art &craft series

Milk & Honey a Israeli, urban distillery is going experimental, in the style of Whisky à la Belge , with their ‘Art & Craft-series’.

The M&H Art & Craft series provides a rare opportunity to discover some of the distillery’s most intriguing, treasured casks. Every year, a collection of unique casks of exceptional quality is hand-selected by their Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, to be bottled as a highly limited edition as part of the M&H Art & Craft series. Each bottle carries a special label designed to capture the very essence of the Israeli art scene.

We can offer you the last 4 releases, click the pictures to order or more details on the specific whisky.

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