Whisky à la Belge

‘Whisky à la Belge’ was created following the urge to create a Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which was different, unique, non-existing and with a Belgian twist. Living in Brussels, I really wanted to do something that was typically from my hometown. So if you want something typically Belgian, typically Brussels that would marry well with Scotch you end up with the idea to finish whisky on our famous, traditional, artisanal Lambic beer.

Living around the corner of the only Brussels Lambic brewery, Cantillon, it was an obvious choice to try and find an old Cantillon cask, which had been used for years and years and years to let sour cherries macerate in Lambic beer.

After a couple of years I managed to find a good whisky cask, a old Cantillon cask and finish the Arran Single Malt on that beer cask. This project has come to an end now and I am very happy with the result. Those who have tried ‘Arran à la Belge’ will back me, when I say, that it is a unique whisky with aromas and flavours very different from your traditional finishes.

So, why stop? Indeed, why would I? There are still a lot of ideas in my head wich I want to test and experiment with.

So I decide to go on and see if I can continue to create new, different types of whisky, but all with a Belgian twist.

The first project, ‘Arran à la Belge’ was only possible thanks to Jean Van Roy of Brasserie Cantillon, who had an open mind and gave a local whisky enthousiast the opportunity to experiment with one of his precious casks.

Also, a big thanks, to Ken Van Eesbeek, Jori Aerden (Gaga) and Jeroen Van Dyck (Meug) for believing in the idea, supporting the project financially and  logically. Together we took the decisions to come to our end result.

Order Ardmore à la Belge or Glen Moray à la Belge by clicking the photo