Waterford Woodbrook 1.1

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Waterford Woodbrook 1.1

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Arcadian barley, from our secret garden of delights, explores the natural flavours, intensity & honesty of old ways. Out of necessity since the dawn of time, peat has been the primary fuel source in rural Ireland, with its sweet pungency familiar to generations gathered around the ancient hearths of thatch-roofed blackhouses. Farmer, & often illicit distiller, dried barley over peat smoke infusing the same heady aromatics, an ancient custom that died out from the 1850s. With this Single Farm Origin’s barley, Irish grown & Irish peated, we return to the earthy, wild & raw tradition rooted in the distant past.


Appearance: pale straw

Taste: dry spices, dry rub, shortbread biscuit, ashes, preserved lemons, lapsang souchong tea, citrusy, lemon oils, lime marmalade

Nose: lemon skins, beeswax, recently-extinguished candles, freshly-torched crème brûlée, fresh meadow flowers, hemp, medicine cupboard

Finish: bonfire




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