You think you know Grain Whisky?

For those who thought grain whisky was by default light and creamy, think again.

If you are open minded enough to try something else than Single Malt Scotch, this blended grain Scotch whisky will give you a whole new experience and insight in the possibilities of Coffey Still distilled spirits.

You have got to love the guys of Compass Box, no?

Experimental Grain – Blended Grain Scotch

Springbank arrivals

Nowadays it is hard to get stock of the core range products of Springbank Distillery.

Is this due to the sudden popularity of this operating ‘museum like’ distillery, the ripple effect of the Covid-crisis , the impact of the war in Ukrain or just the effects of the enormously efficient Brexit arrangement?

Anyways we have some core range products in and a limited release.

Click the bottle of your liking to order.

Rosebank Unity

The penultimate bottle in the Rosebank Roses series, Unity – the sixth entry – is again a combination of bourbon and Madeira casks, specially selected to add layers of sweetness and spice to the classic Rosebank Lowland grassy meadow character. A look back in time to a style of whisky no longer produced in Scotland and which is, like Rosebank itself, much missed.

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The Rosebank distillery was situated in Camelon on the banks of the Forth and Clyde canal between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Its name originated after the roses which grew along the side of the canal.

Rosebank was once considered one of the premier lowland whiskies but United Distillers mothballed the distillery in 1993.  The reason given for the mothballing was that its effluent treatment would have required a £2m upgrade in order to comply with European standards of the time, this did not make it commercially viable. At the time of its closure, it still retained many historical features in the production of the whisky.

The winners of a Unicorn are …

The big moment some people have been waiting for. No big screen scenario or professional ballot with legal supervision, just straight out of the living room after a hard days work on a bank holiday ?

Apologies for any wrong pronunciations or the ‘out of the top of my hat’ presentation.

We had 5 official participants for Longrow Red 15yo and Kilkerran Sherry cask, 15 Participants for Kilkerran Port cask and 17 for Springbank Local Barley 2021. Those who subscribed, but weren’t a customer, were taken out of the ballot.


  • Springbank Local Barley 2021: Derk Kooi
  • Longrow Red 15y Pinot Noir: Ratko Vranes
  • Kilkerran Port: Neel Sahni
  • Kilkerran Sherry: Ratko Vranes

Watch the video to see who won which bottle: congrats to all.

Send us an email to confirm you will buy the bottle at normal retail price, but with an open seal or marked label (your choice). If we do not get an email within 14 days, we will offer the bottle to someone else.

Cheers, enjoy the whisky and let us know how you like it.

Springbank 17yo Madeira cask

A really rather exciting release from Springbank will soon arrive!

Drop us a line if you want to reserve a bottle, we only have 3 bottles allocated.

Price will be +/- €150.

This Campbeltown single malt was initially matured for 14 years in a intriguing combo of rum and bourbon barrels, before being moved over to fresh Madeira hogsheads for a three-year-long finishing. It’s not going to be every day you see a whisky having that kind of maturation! Just 9,200 bottles were produced.

Springbank distillery is the oldest independent, family-owned distillery in Scotland. Legal distillation began in 1828. The chairman is Hedley Wright, the great, great grandson of John Mitchell, the first
legal distiller of Springbank whisky. There are a few Scottish distilleries that
still malt their own barley but Springbank is the only distillery which malts 100% of its own barley, using the traditional floor
maltings. The whole production process: malting, milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling,
happens on the one site in Campbeltown. This is unique in Scotland.
Three malt whiskies are produced at Springbank distillery, each with its own
character. Springbank which is 80% of production, is lightly peated and distilled two and a half times. Longrow is more
heavily peated and distilled two times. Hazelburn is unpeated and distilled threetimes.

Springbank Madeira Cask specifics

Age 17 Years Old
Casks 14 years Bourbon & Rum
3 years Fresh Madeira
ABV 47.8%
Availability 9,200 Bottles
Bottled October 2020


Sweet and jammy. There are aromas of parma violets, boiled sweets and buttery tablet with a note of fennel. Sticky ginger cake, strawberry jam with a tang of grapefruit and lemon sherbet. There is a familiar coastal saltiness on the nose.
The briny, maritime characteristics follow through with light peat smoke. Sticky toffee pudding, caramelised sugar and a spicy, herbal hint of black cracked pepper and tea leaves.
The finish is nutty, smooth and slightly woody. Notes of walnuts and pecans with subtle peat smoke to the end.

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