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Explore the Unique Craft of Holyrood Distillery

Located in the heart of Scotland’s historic capital, Holyrood Distillery stands as a beacon of innovation in the Scottish whisky landscape. Unlike traditional distilleries, Holyrood excels in crafting unique spirits that defy conventional whisky-making norms. What makes Holyrood unique? Its bold experimentation with a variety of malts and yeasts, drawing inspiration from Scotland’s rich brewing heritage. This innovative approach allows Holyrood to unveil a wide spectrum of intriguing flavors, deeply rooted in Scottish tradition yet refreshingly new.

Holyrood doesn’t just produce whisky; it reinvents it. As the first single malt distillery established in Edinburgh in over a century, Holyrood breathes new life into the city’s historic distilling legacy with a contemporary twist. Their tailored approach ensures each batch of whisky tells a compelling story of its origins and craftsmanship, appealing to both whisky aficionados and novices alike.

Introducing Holyrood Embra: Your Gateway to Peated Whisky

We are excited to introduce Holyrood Embra’s latest creation, a release that redefines expectations of peated whisky. Crafted to be the perfect introduction to the world of peated whiskies, Embra is approachable yet memorable.

Aged in a unique blend of first-fill bourbon, peated Islay quarters, and new American oak, Embra perfectly balances bold, smoky flavors with a welcoming accessibility. This may even sway those who typically shy away from peated whisky.

Embodying the dynamic, historic, and vibrant spirit of Edinburgh, Holyrood Embra is more than just a whisky. It serves as a bridge between tradition and innovation, capturing the adventurous spirit of Holyrood Distillery.

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Holyrood Embra
Holyrood Embra

One apple a day keeps the doc away

Drouin Arran Angels close up

Explore the pinnacle of fine spirits with Christian Drouin’s distinguished selections: Millesime 2004 and Experimental Arran Angels. Each offering showcases unique stories of craftsmanship and complex flavors, crafted to captivate the most discerning connoisseurs.

Christian Drouin Millesime 2004

Dive into history with Christian Drouin Millesime 2004, a calvados that captures the essence of Normandy’s orchards. Distilled from select apples harvested in 2004, this vintage has matured gracefully, revealing a rich, layered profile. Enjoy the lush apple nuances, complemented by subtle woody and spicy notes. Each sip narrates a tale of heritage and meticulous aging, making it perfect for reflective moments and special celebrations. Indeed, Millesime 2004 is more than a beverage—it’s a tribute to tradition.

Christian Drouin Experimental Arran Angels

Venture into the realm of innovation with Christian Drouin’s Experimental Arran Angels, where traditional calvados meets bold experimentation. Aged in seasoned casks from Scotland’s Arran Distillery, this unique calvados blends Normandy’s rustic elegance with the robust spirit of Scotland. Consequently, it offers a symphony of creamy apple flavors mixed with hints of peat, vanilla, and dark chocolate. Ideal for those who seek to push the boundaries of taste, this expression challenges the conventional and delights with its complexity.

These limited-edition Christian Drouin creations provide a rare chance to experience distillation excellence. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of Millesime 2004 or the innovative flair of Experimental Arran Angels, each bottle promises an extraordinary journey of taste and craftsmanship. Elevate your collection with these remarkable calvados and indulge in the legacy of Christian Drouin—where every bottle tells a story of passion and artistry.

New arrivals in the Thistle shop

Discover the latest additions to our whisky collection, meticulously selected to delight the taste buds of every connoisseur. Our selection today welcomes exclusive bottles from around the globe, including the refined Teeling SB Pinot Noir Suez at a unique 46°, embodying a fusion of Irish craftsmanship and French wine tradition. Also in the spotlight is the Teeling Crystal Malt 46°, a masterpiece of clarity and complexity, and the robust Arran 2009 13Y Single Cask at 56.7°, specially bottled for The Nectar, promising an unforgettable taste experience.

For enthusiasts of Scottish whisky, we introduce the Kilkerran 12Y 46° and the exceptional Kilkerran 8Y CS Oloroso 57.4°, each with their distinct character and intensity that reflect the rich heritage of Glengyle distillery. The peated Longrow 46° and the classic Springbank 10Y 46° offer a deep dive into Campbeltown tradition, while the Springbank Local Barley 13Y 54.1° treats aficionados to the essence of locally grown barley (will be offered through a loyalty action).

Our collection would not be complete without rare finds such as the Ardmore 1997 22Y 48.7° DD, celebrating a quarter century of craftsmanship and aging, and the Cadenhead’s 7 Stars Blend 46°, a symbol of blending perfection. With the addition of exclusive bottlings from the Cadenhead’s Original Collection and special selections for The Nectar, we offer something unique for every whisky collector and enthusiast. Experience the richness of global whisky traditions with our latest treasures.

Cadenhead’s Enigma series

The whiskies bottled in the Cadenhead’s Enigma series are just that – unusual, hard to quantify, perhaps even slightly contradictory. They can be single casks, vattings of multiple casks, blends, blended malts or whatever else they can find that doesn’t fit into their existing bottling lineup but meets their only essential criteria – that they’re good.

We finally came to posting these two Enigma bottlings

Looking for some products of the Springbank family?

Kilkerran, Hazelburn, Longrow and Springbank are all coming from two distilleries, but they are all part of the Springbank family for me.

Most of them are hard to get your hands on, especially the limited releases like the recent 10yo Palo Cortado.