Scapegrace’s victory at the 2023 Global Spirit Whisky Masters

Scapegrace, the prominent spirits producer hailing from New Zealand and renowned for its trailblazing gin offerings, is celebrating a momentous victory at the 2023 Global Spirit Whisky Masters. This esteemed competition, held in London, has bestowed upon Scapegrace’s Single Malt Fortitude V Whisky the coveted Master Medal – the highest distinction within the awards.

Mirroring the approach taken with Scapegrace’s gin, vodka, and ready-to-drink selections, this whisky has undergone distillation utilizing artesian water drawn from a subterranean aquifer positioned 130 meters beneath the brand’s distillery located in Central Otago.

Founded in 2014 by Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlan, brothers-in-law based in Auckland, Scapegrace derives its name from a term signifying a rascal or libertine. A mere four years later, the brand’s Scapegrace Gold gin secured global recognition as the finest London dry gin at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

With a robust presence in more than 40 countries, Scapegrace maintains an active role in domestic markets and is progressively expanding its presence within travel retail arenas. Notable placements in key locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai are indicative of its growing influence.

“Scapegrace thrives on defying convention; pushing the boundaries of innovation and offering a unique perspective that challenges the norms of the past,” affirms the brand’s philosophy.

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