Ardmore 1997 22yo – DD 48,7°

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Ardmore 1997 22yo DD

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The Ardmore 1997 22y is bottled by The Nectar. It is part of the Daily Dram series.

This whisky is a single cask bottling and bottled at cask strength.

The fruity flavors are quite present but do not dominate. They help define the taste, profile, and character of this drink but are not as decisive as potentially strong notes might be. There are salty, smoky, and spicy hints, but these flavors are only lightly present. They add extra character and depth to the drink, without pushing it in any particular direction.

Based on this profile, you can conclude that this whisky has a fairly gentle character, without extremes.


  • This whisky was distilled in 1997. This is the date when the aging process in the cask began.
  • Ardmore 1997 22y (The Nectar – Daily Dram) was bottled on 01/04/19. At that moment, the aging process ended, and the whisky was bottled.
  • This whisky is 22 years old.
  • The age indicates how long the whisky was aged in barrels, simply put, the difference between the distillation date and the bottling date. In the case of blends, the age shown is that of the youngest product in the blend.
  • A total of 180 bottles were included in this bottling.


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