Win a sample of the unfinished Arran Single Malt of ‘Arran à la Belge’.

Are you curious about the real impact of a finish on a whisky?

Here is your chance!!

Win a 10cl sample of ‘Arran à la Belge’ before it was put, for 6 months, on the Cantillon cask.

We will offer 3  10cl samples of the Arran Single Malt 11yo 57,6%.


Who can win? What do you need to do?

  • 1 Sample will be picked amongst all ‘new buyers’, those who buy a box after 19th March until the 1st April.
  • 1 Sample will be picked amongst those who already ordered their box of ‘Arran à la Belge’. Anyone who ordered before 19th March. Take care, a lot of buyers haven’t registered yet.
  • 1 Sample will be picked amongst all those who already tasted this beautiful creation and took the effort to share their impressions, opinions with us and all other whisky enthousiasts on our Website ( All reviews written until 1st April are valid for the lottery.

To win you must register, subscribe to our newsletter, on You can subscribe on the ‘Products’ page or the ‘Blog’ page. On the right handside you can simply fill in your e-mail and that’s it.

Obviously, for the last category you need to leave a review on the ‘Arran à la Belge’ page. Go to the product page of Arran à la Belge, underneath the photo’s you can click ‘review’, next to ‘description’ and let us know what you think of our whisky with a Belgian twist.


Happy registering.

Happy writing.



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