September – Springbank Distillery Month – Week 2

With a day delay, here we are with a special limited edition of Springbank Disitillery.

The Springbank distillery in Campbeltown has released Local Barley expressions before, but this one has been the first after a long time, being bottled in 2016.

This 16 Year Old Local Barley is the first in a series of five expressions to be released over five years. They have used barley grown at Low Machrimore Farm in Southend, which is just a few miles outside of Campbeltown. 9,000 bottles were produced.

As the real whisky enthousiasts will confim it is sold out way to quickly and a lot of the time by collectors. And I most say it is a shame that this whisky doesn’t get drunk enough.

So a great price, for a great whisky.

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