How te get my ordered bottle of …à la Belge?


With not much bottles left I thought it was time to inform everyone how to get hold of your bottle of ‘Arran à la Belge’.


As you maybe know, this creation has started as a project of a couple whisky enthousiasts and I. Therefor things will not go as quickly as you are used to with professional shops, brokers or webshops. So let me apologies for that, but we have other jobs next to this project.

So basically, we first need to finish the labeling of all the bottles and fold all the boxes before you can get your bottle, although, if you like it better unlabelled just give us a yell, that’s less folding for us 😉

So practically, I was thing of organising a Whisky Café, where everyone can come and pick-up there bottle and in the meantime have some interesting drams to try.

I will communicate the date later on.


If you are really anxious to get that whisky at your place asap, worrying it might evaporate otherwise, just give me a cal or drop me a linel and we’ll figure out a time and date for you to come and pick-up your whisky at my place.

Thanks for your understanding.





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  1. All paid boxes have been posted today. Those who haven’t transferred their money yet have to be quick or the bottles will be put back online.

    Also, There are alot of boxes waiting to be picked up and drunk by their rightful owners. So please give me a sign when you will be picking up your box.



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