A new explorers edition – Shochu Mugi

Teeling Whiskey Explorers Edition 15yo Mugi Shochu


A fusion of Japanese and Irish cultures! The newest addition in the Explorers Series is the Teeling 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition! This innovative expression pushes the boundaries of Irish Whiskey craftsmanship by incorporating none other than rare Mugi Shochu casks. The final result is an extraordinary blend of Irish and Japanese influences.

Each release of the Explorers Series is packed with innovation and bold thinking to create unique Irish Whiskey styles. The Explorers Series, in particular, embodies this whiskey-making philosophy and celebrates the brave, intrepid Irish explorers who have travelled the world to make their mark. Each Explorers Edition release embraces a nation’s character and personality by using unique casks or spirit types that capture their national identity. This 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition follows on from the recent Brazilian Edition, which used unique Amburana Brazilian hardwood casks, which is exclusively available in Travel Retail.

Shochu is the hidden gem of Japanese spirits and is consumed more than Sake domestically. Japanese Shochu is crafted from “Mugi”, the Japanese for barley. It is fermented using the traditional Koji fermentation process before it is distilled in a pot still. It is then matured in traditional Japanese oak casks. The result a distinct light, yet exotic fruity spirit unique to Japan.

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Teeling Whiskey Explorers Edition 15yo Mugi Shochu
Teeling Whiskey Explorers Edition 15yo Mugi Shochu

Ready to break some stereotypes?

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In my journey of spirits exploration, I have discovered a hidden gem that defies stereotypes and captivates my senses. Port wine, a true revelation! Strange to see that it is still considered a grannies drink today.

As I delve into the world of Port wine, I am instantly transported to the picturesque vineyards of Portugal’s Douro Valley. The deep ruby hues and enticing aromas awaken my curiosity, inviting me to indulge in a symphony of flavors. Each bottle is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted and aged to perfection, ensuring a truly exquisite experience.

Whether I’m savoring a vintage Port after a delightful meal or exploring the innovative blends in trendy cocktail bars, its versatility and complexity never fail to impress. With every sip, I challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to appreciate wine.

Let us cast aside the stereotypes and embrace the richness and complexity of Port wine. It’s time to carve our own path and rediscover the true essence of elegance.

Experience a world of hidden treasures with our exclusive collection of Port wines, not showcased on our webshop. Indulge in rare vintages, limited editions, and unique blends . Contact us today to unlock the extraordinary and elevate your Port wine experience.

A Teeling opportunity


This whiskey was initially intended exclusively for the Baltic States, but we managed to secure an allocation. It is a colorful appearance, the box of this new Teeling Whiskey Baltic Porter Small batch Collaboration. But the profile is also very colorful. Here’s the thing: Teeling provided the Genys brewery with a number of barrels that had been used for Blackpitts (their peated single malt). Their Imperial Baltic Porter beer rested in this. The barrels were then refilled with Teeling Small Batch whiskey.

The profile is a harmonious balance between smoke and dried fruit, roasted malt and dark chocolate, vanilla and a warming spiciness.

This is what we dare to call craft. Limited to 3000 bottles, bottled at 46% without cold filtration and above all very tasty. This is Teeling!

Teeling Genys Baltic Porter
Teeling Genys Baltic Porter

Do try something else now and then

In normandy, for three generations, the drouin family has been passionate about the production of Calvados. Curiosity, a sense of history, the value of work done with care have enabled Calvados Christian Drouin to be rewarded with 258 gold medals in spirits competitions.

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Here are some gems from La Maison Christian Drouin

Irish Single Grain …


At Teeling Whiskey they believe in driving the evolution of Irish Whiskey through the creation of new and unique expressions. As part of this innovative mission, they have been a pioneer in celebrating Irish Single Grain crafted using a recipe of 95% corn and 5% malted barley. The first in their aged single grain series saw them explore the influence of Bordeaux Red Wine casks while their newest release continues this exploration by …

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Teeling 15yo Single Grain
Teeling 15yo Single Grain
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