Belgians don’t know their Port

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Belgians may think they know Port wine, but often their knowledge doesn’t go beyond an oxidized bottle of cheap port hidden in grandma’s cupboard, only to be brought out once a year during some holiday.

There are three main styles of Port: ruby, tawny, and vintage. It’s the latter that we are delighted to offer you now.

Are you looking for something that most people have never really tasted?

Are you searching for a high-quality option that comes with an incredible story and craftsmanship?

Are you looking for a ready-to-drink gift or something to age for decades until that special moment?

Are you seeking the perfect accompaniment for your cheese selection or dessert?

Here, we have two Vintage Ports from 2012 and 2018.

To keep it simple, treat these as very good, red wines meant for aging. Decant them, let them breathe, take your time, explore the complexity of the aromas, and savor the experience.


Heavily Peated Waterford is here to stay

Waterford Fenniscourt Peated 2

Waterford is no longer a newcomer in the Irish whisky scene. It’s a brand with a wide range of different bottlings, ensuring that every whisky enthusiast can find a bottle to their liking, except for the peatheads among us.

Until recently, that is because Waterford has recently released the Fenniscourt 1.1 at 38 ppm and the slightly more heavily peated Ballybannon 1.1 at 47 ppm. These are now joined by the launch of Lacken 1.1 at 57 ppm and finally Woodbrook 1.1 at 74 ppm. As always, bottled at 50% ABV.

With these two releases, Waterford can now offer a complete range of peated whiskies, ranging from “lightly” peated to heavily peated. With this range, Waterford silences its critics, proving that they are not a one-trick pony but can cater to enthusiasts in every corner of the flavor spectrum!

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New gems of Drouin

We have just received a few new gems of Christian Drouin Calvados.

A limited 16-year-old single cask for Belgium which has got a finish in a Japanese Mars Whisky barrel.

Additionally, the long-awaited new edition of the Experimental series. A 19-year-old Calvados finished in former Foursquare barrels.

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Rising Reserve N°2 – 21yo double matured on Marsala casks

We are delighted to unveil the second bottling of the ‘Teeling Rising Reserve,’ a super-premium series of unique 21-year-old Irish single malts. The series was created to celebrate the global renaissance of Teeling, Dublin, and Irish whiskey, as it continues to be the fastest-growing premium spirit in the world. The Rising Reserve Series is a follow-up to the highly sought-after and successful Revival and Renaissance bottlings that Teeling originally released to commemorate the opening of their distillery in Dublin, marking the revival and renaissance of the tradition of ‘Dublin Distilling.’

We only have a few of this limited 21yo Teeling edition. But for those who missed out on the first release we kept some aside so you can still go for the whole series.

Three 22 year old Irish Ladies

Three irish Ladies

Bottling Irish Whiskey has been a hallmark of The Nectar of the Daily Dram for a long time. However, in recent years, it has become very difficult to find good casks.

That’s why they are now extra pleased to offer you 3 different casks from 2001, all of which produced lightly peated but also very fruity Irish whiskey. The labels are reminiscent of the legendary Maria labels, which are among the most legendary Daily Dram bottlings of all time.