Ceci n’est pas un Scotch

Now the Scottish have changed the game, once again!

First they changed the rules so a scotch can’t have a finish on stone-fruit cask, like our amazing Belgian Kriek casks.
And now we are even having trouble getting our whisky of the island. We tried changing the labels. It didn’t work.

Your and our patience will need some ageing too, we guess.
But, you know, the suspense only makes the experience better!

How about the future of the … à la Belge project?
Well… The remaining bottles of the Glen Moray à la Belge will probably be the last … à la Belge finished on a Belgian kriek.
Hurry to the Thistle webshop if you want a taste of this unique scotch. Uhm, whisky. Spirit?

Master Vintage of Glendronach

For this vintage, a small number of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks were hand-selected to create a marriage of exceptional richness and complexity. It is a truly masterful expression of our robust Highland single malt.

After 25 years in the finest sherry wood, The Glendronach 1993 Master Vintage is an extraordinary limited edition Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Expect profound layers of depth and complexity, leading to an exceedingly long, voluptuous and memorable finish.


Maybe less known, Benriach?

Located in the ‘Heart of Speyside’, in the North-East region of Morayshire, BenRiach displays all the traditional charm of a Speyside distillery. Built by John Duff in 1898, BenRiach draws its water from the Burnside springs located underground, deep below the distillery.

BenRiach crafts unpeated, peated and triple distilled malt whisky and holds some of the most experimental casks in Speyside. Small wonder the distillery team have nicknamed the distillery ‘The Lab’.

They are one of just two remaining distilleries in Speyside to distill whisky using malted barley from its own onsite floor maltings, a time honoured method that is celebrated for one month each year.

These are NOW ready to order through Back Order:

Benriach Cask Strenght Batch 2;

Benriach Cask Strenght Peated Batch 1;

Benriach 21y Classic;

Benriach 21y Temporis (Peated).

Langs het pad van eigenzinnige volharding


Soms wordt een sterk verhaal geboren vanuit vele vragen. In ‘Whisky à la Belge’ leidden de vragen tot het verhaal. Hoe vind je in de whiskywereld verruiming en verdieping naast al de reeds bestaande speciale rijpingen en finishes? Wat is er nog niet gedaan? Welke creatie voegt waarde toe aan de ruime waaier van whisky?

Al die twijfel en onwetendheid brachten Tom Van Gyseghem bij een avontuur dat hem van een Brussels studentencafé zou meevoeren naar een Schotse distilleerderij.
Een ontdekkingstocht op een moto langs artisanale stokerijen met menige cafés als tussenstop. Whisky als brandstof voor mens en machine!

Een gesprek met Tom Van Gyseghem, bezieler en inspirator van ‘Whisky à la Belge’.

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