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Arran Smugglers Series – full set 

Volume 1 The Illicit Stills

The first release in Arran’s Smugglers’ Series which celebrates the illicit distillation on the island in the 18th and 19th centuries. Made with a combination of unpeated, medium-peated and heavily peated malt and bottled at cask strength, this is rich, fruity and smoky.

Volume 2 The High Seas

In this Smugglers’ Series Vol.2 ‘The High Seas’ we pay tribute to the exuberant character of those striving to outwit the Government’s representatives in the pursuit of the production of the famed Arran Waters. This dram is a powerful marriage of whisky matured in the finest rum casks with time-honoured peated spirit and a rich layer of first-fill Bourbon barrel adding sweetness and fruit. The use of rum casks in the maturation serves as recognition of Arran’s importance, in years gone by, in the trade of diverse, black market liquor. The resulting liquid is complex, full of character and a perfect tribute to these independent characters of Arran.

Volume 3 The Exciseman

In this Smugglers’ Series Vol.3 ‘The Exciseman’ we conclude our popular series which pays tribute to the exuberant character of those striving to outwit the Government’s representatives in the pursuit of the production of the famed Arran Waters. The Madeira casks used in this final volume, are similar to the ones utilised by Arran’s illicit distillers, who often stored and transported locally produced whisky in old Madeira casks brought over from the continent by their smuggling counterparts. The Quarter Casks are a nod to the type of small casks which would have been the easiest to transport.
The resulting liquid is complex, full of character and a wonderful way to end a series which has so perfectly paid tribute to the independent characters of Arran over the centuries.

Arran Lochranza – Explorers Series 2nd ed.

Mid-2018, Arran launched the Explorers Series, the successor to The Smugglers Series, The Devil’s Punch Bowl Series, and the earlier Icons of Arran.

Arran Lochranza is the 2nd in line and available soon.

Order now (only 3 available).

Arran Brodrick Bay is also available for those who missed out when it was released.

Arran Lochranza Castle Panorama whisky

Arran The Explorers Series – 1st Edition

With the second edition being released already, we are happy to be able to offer the first edition without going to auction.

This first one has been widely appreciated.

The Arran Explorers’ Series is a collection of limited edition expressions of The Arran Single Malt. Each edition celebrates the outstanding scenic beauty and diversity of nature on the Isle of Arran.

As the ferry across the firth of Clyde nears its destination, the visitor will be granted a first glimpse of ‘Scotland in Miniature’, the Isle of Arran. The broad sweep of Brodick Bay, backed by dense woodland of Scots pine, is guarded by the island’s highest peak, Goat Fell. With its varied terrain of sandy beach, verdant field, impenetrable forest and craggy mountain pass, this magical island affords the traveller a wide choice of outdoor pursuits.

This view from the foothills south of Brodick Bay is best taken in with a dram of The Arran Single Malt in hand. This particular example is 20 years old and has been matured in both Bourbon Barrels and Sherry Hogsheads before being finished in Oloroso Sherry Butts sourced directly from Bodegas Tradicion in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. The complex and multi-layered dram perfectly reflects the diversity, allure and charm of this beautiful island. Take your senses on an adventure around the Isle of Arran.

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Tasting Note

NOSE Immediate notes of creamy toffee emerge, with the fresh fruity citrus notes of Arran also very evident. The promise of something memorable.

PALATE Starts with an intense sweetness which coats the tongue as the creamy toffee develops into a treacle laced fudge. Dark chocolate raisins and honey give this dram delicious depth which stays long on the palate. With time or a drop of water, this dram opens up beautifully and shows another side with soft oak and hints of pink pepper.

FINISH Long and memorable. A real gourmet dram which retains the sweetness of the delicate Arran character with layers of rich intense fruit. Welcome to Brodick Bay and the beautiful Isle of Arran.

• 49.8% Alc./Vol.

• 20 years old

• Limited Edition of 9,000 bottles worldwide

• Matured in Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Hogsheads and Oloroso Sherry Butts

COMING SOON: Ichiro’s Malt& Grain

An assembly of malt and grain whiskies (hence its name), this blend is the result of the hard work of Ichiro Akuto, Distiller and owner of Chichibu and also independent bottler of some of the most rare Japanese whiskies (Hanyu, Kawasaki, … ). Known for a long time for its assemblies of malts (Mizunara Wood Reserve, Ginkgo, Double Distilleries), it is now the first time that Ichiro is selling its blends outside of Japan.

Bottled at 46.5%, filtered non-chill, this young whiskey is rich in taste and full of character, with which Ichiro fully expresses his talent.

Preorder now buy e-mailing us: thistlespirits@gmail.com