Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheetown 1.2

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Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheetown 1.2

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Taking the idea of ‘terroir’ to it’s furthest point, Waterford’s Single Farm Origin series tracks barley from each of their partnered farms, distilling each harvest separately to see how the soil types and micro-climates of each farm affect the final whisky.

This is the second bottling in the series to be made from the Irina barley of Phil O’Brien’s Sheestown Farm in Kilkenny, to the north of the distillery.

Each bottle has a terroir number on the back, which can be entered on Waterford’s website to go into the full detail of the casks used to make up this release, as well as the farm the barley came from – even as far as giving you a 1 metre deep cross-section image of the farm’s soil!

Nose:  Malty, honey, fruit cake, pears, sherry trifle, cookie dough, a summer hay note, orange peel and an earthy note.

Palate: Spices and clove that gently warms then dries;  blood oranges, honeycomb, barley sugar and ginger.

Finish:  Long with a gentle spice and citrus that tingles.


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