Teeling – Wonders of Wood 2nd edition

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Teeling – Wonders of Wood 2nd ed.

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With this series, Master Distiller Alex Chasko unleashes a number of special maturations on us. The editions are based on single pot still with 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley (from the new Newmarket distillery in Dublin). And that’s great, because the potential of their single pot still is now fully manifested.

The second edition of the Wonders of Wood bottlings is fully matured in virgin Portuguese oak casks: Portuguese oak is native to the Iberian Peninsula and has a higher tannin content than other oak variants normally used in the whiskey industry. When used for maturation it produces a distinct savoury marmalade flavour with warming hints of tobacco and pepper unique to Irish whiskey.

Nose: citrus notes to start with hints of old spice, leather and cloves

Palate: toasted oak, savoury marmalade with pepper and nutmeg

Finish: warming with tabacco, pepper and a vanilla maltiness


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