Myths & Legends III – CB

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Myths & Legends III – CB

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Bottled at 46% Not Chill-Filtered, Light 5 Micron Filtration, Natural Colour, Lead Whiskymakers: John Glaser and James Saxon

However, thanks to our parcels of well-regarded malt whiskies, the tropical fruit and butterscotch notes of Myths & Legends II are now further enriched by a deep and enchantingly aromatic smoke profile.

Never blend the famous names? The breadth of generous and complex flavours found in Myths & Legends III dismantles such superstitious thinking.

See here the whisky composition

  • Glen Elgin 2000, Recharred American Oak Barrels, 67.8%
  • Highland Park 1996, Recharred American Oak Hogsheads, 9.5%
  • Glen Elgin 2001, Refill American Oak Hogsheads, 8.2%
  • Glen Elgin 2002, Recharred American Oak Hogsheads, 8.0%
  • Caol Ila 2004, Refill Sherry Butts, 6.5%


Please note that Myths & Legends III has been labelled with the incorrect bottling quantity. The number displayed on the neck label is 4,446 but should be 4,564.


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