Myths & Legends II – CB

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Myths & Legends II – CB

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Bottled at 46% Not Chill-Filtered, Light 5 Micron Filtration, Natural Colour, Lead Whiskymakers: Jill Boyd and James Saxon

The distinctive profile has nothing to do with “Speyside”; process decisions made at the distillery, the effects of maturation, and our own choices regarding the balance of the final blend determine the whisky’s quality and character. Clues to a whisky’s flavour lie in the glass and not the distillery’s region.

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  • Glen Elgin 2000, Recharred American Oak Barrels, 78.0%
  • Glen Elgin 2001, Refill Bourbon Hogsheads, 8.0%
  • Glen Elgin 2002, Recharred American Oak Hogsheads, 8.0%
  • Glen Elgin 1996, Refill Sherry Butts, 3.0%
  • Glen Elgin 1996, Recharred American Oak Barrels, 3.0%


Please note that Myths & Legends II has been labelled with the incorrect bottling quantity. The number displayed on the neck label is 4,564 but should be 4,446.


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