Dé Gust – Activiteitenkalender najaar 2023

Liefhebbers van het betere alcoholische nat? Fan van Brussel?

Word lid van Dé Gust en kom mee op ontdekking!

Hieronder de geplande activiteiten voor het najaar van 2023


DéGust lidmaatschap

Waterford – Irish Single Malt – Masterclass

In collaboration with the Maltclan.

Unexpectedly we have got the opportunity to host a tasting with Ruari Reynier of Waterford distillery. Waterford is maybe a difficult brand to grasp, but it is oooohhhhh sssuuuccchhhh an exciting brand as well. Proofing terroir in whisky is pushing the boundaries of the known whisky industry.

It gives us also the chance to give some of you a sneak preview in our Box Bizar project which we are setting up in the little church of Ten Broek.


Unashamedly influenced by the world’s greatest winemakers, they obsessively bring the same intellectual drive, methodology and rigour to barley – the very source of malt whisky’s complex flavour.

Extolling a hundred exclusive farms of Irish-grown barley, they search for natural flavours via three paths: their Single Farm Origins pursue the individualism of terroir-derived flavour; they are the building blocks of our Cuvées, where the whole is greater than the sum. Finally their Arcadian Barley expresses the intensity of flavour from exploring the old ways – of Organic, Biodynamic, Heritage and even Irish-peated barley. Indeed, so thorough is their exploration of the frontiers of natural flavour that they are the world’s largest producer of organic and biodynamic whiskies.

WHEN: 20h00 – Friday 14th April 2023

WHERE: Zavelbergweg 7, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium

COST: €30 for 8 drams

LINE-UP: very interesting, but currently unknown


Dé Gust bezoekt Tipsy Tribe brewstillery

Op zaterdag 13 mei 2023, om 16u00, trekt Dé Gust op verkenning in Koekelberg op bezoek bij lokale micro-brouwerij en -stokerij Tipsy Tribe. Deze kleine ‘brewstillery’ brouwt en stookt alles zelf, geen aankoop van ‘new make spirit’ of het uitbesteden van het brouwen aan een grotere brouwerij.

Deze relatief jonge brouwerij-stokerij is nog zeer onbekend en hun producten zijn enkel bij hen te vinden, dus reden genoeg om er eens binnen te springen en kennis te maken.

We verwelkomen graag leden en niet-leden. Onmiddellijk lid worden van Dé Gust kan ook door hier uw lidmaatschap aan te schaffen.

Schrijf hier in als je wenst deel te nemen aan het bezoek met bijhorende tasting.

100% Whisky à la Belge tasting

Whisky à la Belge series

De eerste whisky tasting georganiseerd doorDé Gust‘ in Brussel is een  100% Whisky à la Belge line-up.

Wij voorzien u van:

  • welkomstdrankje
  • 3 beer samples (Cantillon Kriek, Dead Man’s Hand, DMH barrel aged)
  • 6 cask strength whisky’s (Arran, Glen Moray en Ardmore à la Belge; 3 unfinished, 3 Belgian beer finished)

Welkom vanaf 19u00, tasting start om 19u30 (verwachte einduur 21u30).

Wanneer: 22 april 2023

Waar: The Sister, Rue Chair et Pain 3 te 1000 Brussel  (zijstraatje van de Grote Markt; 400m van Brussel-Centraal; perfect bereikbaar met de trein)

Niet vergeten: eigen proefglazen (9) meebrengen. Indien je niet beschikt over eigen glazen neem dan even contact op met ons.

Dé Gust leden kunnen deelnemen voor €25 door het ingeven van hun toegestuurde kortingscode.

The Sister Brussel
The Sister Brussel

Dé Gust: 0484/27.96.10. (Tom Van Gyseghem)

1 Bid and 1 bid only – Arran Smugglers Series

Our 2nd auction is coming.

  • Everyone can place one bid and one bid only (information by newsletter follows)
  • You sent your bid in a private mail to [email protected]
  • No one knows your bid, you don’t know who placed a bid or how high. Blind auction!
  • You place a bid in order to what the bottles are worth to you
  • There is an unknown reserve to be met, otherwise there will be no winning bid
  • No extra costs except for transport; what you bid is what you pay
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop. Only those subscribed to the newsletter will be informed about the start and the end of this special auction; only bids within the exact auction period will be accepted
  • At the end of the auction a list of the highest bids will be posted, initials with the placed bid, so everyone can check that everything is been handled correctly.
  • Check the winning bid of the GoT-series here

Arran Smugglers Series – full set 

Volume 1 The Illicit Stills

The first release in Arran’s Smugglers’ Series which celebrates the illicit distillation on the island in the 18th and 19th centuries. Made with a combination of unpeated, medium-peated and heavily peated malt and bottled at cask strength, this is rich, fruity and smoky.

Volume 2 The High Seas

In this Smugglers’ Series Vol.2 ‘The High Seas’ we pay tribute to the exuberant character of those striving to outwit the Government’s representatives in the pursuit of the production of the famed Arran Waters. This dram is a powerful marriage of whisky matured in the finest rum casks with time-honoured peated spirit and a rich layer of first-fill Bourbon barrel adding sweetness and fruit. The use of rum casks in the maturation serves as recognition of Arran’s importance, in years gone by, in the trade of diverse, black market liquor. The resulting liquid is complex, full of character and a perfect tribute to these independent characters of Arran.

Volume 3 The Exciseman

In this Smugglers’ Series Vol.3 ‘The Exciseman’ we conclude our popular series which pays tribute to the exuberant character of those striving to outwit the Government’s representatives in the pursuit of the production of the famed Arran Waters. The Madeira casks used in this final volume, are similar to the ones utilised by Arran’s illicit distillers, who often stored and transported locally produced whisky in old Madeira casks brought over from the continent by their smuggling counterparts. The Quarter Casks are a nod to the type of small casks which would have been the easiest to transport.
The resulting liquid is complex, full of character and a wonderful way to end a series which has so perfectly paid tribute to the independent characters of Arran over the centuries.