The revelation of last year

It has been spinning in my head for a while now. Actually, since I joined their masterclass during Spirits in the Box 2020. I had seen several ads or posts passing on the internet and although I was intrigued by the titles and contents I never really took the time to read all the articles. Always to busy, you know?

Since I finished my own distillers education in 2020, the topic of terroir influence in whisky was and still is intriguing. Although at first sight you would not expect a big impact of terroir on the flavours you get in grains and even further down the line in spirits. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG.

If you are not familiar with Waterford Distillery, please read up on it. These guys really put the proof out their: TERROIR DOES IMPACT THE FLAVOUR IN WHISKY!!!

I really hate it that I am not part of their project. It is probably the most exciting news and development in the business. Although it is a hard project to follow from A to Z, it really seems to be worth the effort. In short, they distil and mature all their whiskies the same way, so no differences their, unless you want to discuss the uncontrollable, different influences that can take place in for example maturation. Every harvest from every farm they work with is kept separately and is distilled on its own. So what you get is the impact of the TERROIR, the soil, the weather,…

So, if you are looking for something exceptional, a series worth collecting to drink and compare each bottling next to the other, the get an education in terroir impact on flavours this is it. So far everything I tried has been fabulous, even though it is still young stuff.

Now available:

Waterford Single Farm Origin Ballymorgan 1.2

Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheetown 1.2

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 – The Arcadian Organic Gaia 1.1

The Glendronach Cask Strength

Nestled in the Valley of Forgue, deep in the East Highland hills of Scotland,
is The GlenDronach, one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland.
The GlenDronach is of true Highland style; a rich and full-bodied spirit,
perfect for long maturation in Spanish sherry oak. At The GlenDronach
Distillery, we have carried forth the tradition of our founder James Allardice
since 1826, maturing our complex Highland spirit in the finest Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucía in Spain.

Pedro Ximénez casks impart rich, deep fruit flavours, whilst dry and nutty notes come from our Oloroso casks.

Every expression of The GlenDronach Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
has been crafted for depth of colour; rich,full-bodied complexity; and a long, satisfying finish.

The GlenDronach Cask Strength – batch 9 offers connoisseurs a deep insight into the distillery’s signature character, by bottling at the whisky’s natural cask strength of 59.4%. The ninth release of this expression has been matured in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks, resulting in a characterful and richly-sherried Single Malt, with the full depth of maturation in Spanish oak.
Add a drop or two of water to reveal a cornucopia of flavour; from treacle toffee and raisin-filled toasted brioche, to baked apple and bramble pie and star anise. The depth of flavour continues into The GlenDronach’s signature long and lingering finish.

Each Cask Strength release has been bottled without chill filtration and at high strength, as was the custom before the turn of the 20th century. As with all The GlenDronach expressions, all of the natural colour is drawn from slow maturation in Spanish oak casks.

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Nose: Cocoa, liquorice root and baked orange on a base of sultana bread and crème brûlée.

Finish: Layers of richly roasted malt, and a lingering dark chocolate, espresso finish.

Colour: Deep copper

Taste: Treacle toffee and raisin-filled toasted brioche crescendo to baked apple and bramble pie, butterscotch and star anise.

Teeling Brabazon 4th edition

Since 1782 the Teeling family have been crafting Irish whiskey. The Teelings are renowned for their vision in doing things differently and their whiskeys embody this entrepreneurial spirit. 2015 marked the year a new generation of Teelings returned to their distilling roots in the Liberties area of Dublin City. The Brabazon Bottling Series is a limited edition collection of unique Irish Single Malts capturing the full impact and flavour crafted through fortified wine cask maturation.

proudly bottled at 49.5% ABV
with no chill filtration, for true character.

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The Brabazon Bottling Series is a limited edition collection of unique Irish Single Malts capturing the full impact and flavour crafted through fortified wine cask maturation. For the Brabazon Bottling Series 4, we have sourced unique barrels used by a long forgotten historical style of Portuguese Port to produce a truly unique and distinctive bottling of Teeling Whiskey. Carcavelos is a style of Portuguese fortified wine dating back to the 18th century. These rare Port barrels were filled with our Single Malt distilled in 2007 and left for over two years to impart the full range of flavour and character on the whiskey.

tasting notes
A truly unique whiskey bursting with soft citrus fruits and distinctive prickly spice.

Fruit, caramel and toffee on the nose, with a complex orchard fruit, honey and marmalade sweetness flavour profile. Notes of dry fruits, malt and hints of cookie dough for the finish.

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It’s The Nectar of the Daily Drams 15th anniversary this year.

If it will be anything like their 10th anniversary we are in for a treat. 5 Years ago there have been releases of several really good quality bottles, older and younger stuff.

Not sure how many bottles I will get allocated, but please let me know if you want one.

This is the first offer we got in and I am very excited as this is a 35yo Single Malt Scotch that is affordable.

First come, first serve principle.


Distilled in 1985 and bottled at 47,2°

Price: €398,9

Sent us an e-mail or leave a comment if you like to reserve a bottle for yourself (if stock allow it).

No limits

You know that feeling being very happy and excited about been able to order that special, limited release whisky bottle, but at the same time feel disappointed you can only order one.

Well, we think we gave everybody a fair chance for ordering their box of ‘Glen Moray à la Belge’. We noticed a few of you really would love to get their hands on an additional box, so we’ve decided to make everyone happy and lifted the restriction.


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