Stauning Triple Malt KAOS

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Stauning Triple Malt KAOS

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Stauning Triple Malt KAOS, versatile Danish grain whisky from Stauning that takes its name from the slogan of Denmark’s first social-democratic Prime Minister, Thorvald Stauning, “Stauning Eller Kaos” – meaning “Stauning or Chaos”. A combination of rye and malt whiskies, Kaos offers aromas of milk chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, bonfires and sweet cereals on the nose, complemented by notes of liquorice, baked apples, orange, vanilla and tobacco throughout the palate.

This intriguing release is a blend of three of their whiskies, it showcases their bourbon-matured single malt, malted rye and peated single malt, the result is far from chaotic!


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