Port Askaig Sherry Quarter Cask

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Port Askaig Sherry Quarter Cask

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Port Askaig Sherry Quarter Cask , bottled at 45.8%, emerges as a small batch assembly, uniting three refill bourbon hogsheads and one sherry hogshead from 2014, brimming with Islay single malt sourced from a distillery on the island’s northern coast.

This expression, exclusive for Belgium and Luxembourg, stands as a limited edition release.

While the smoky and spicy notes hold a pronounced presence, they harmoniously coexist without overpowering. They actively contribute to the flavor, profile, and character of this libation, yet they yield to potentially bolder tones. Subtle floral, briny, woody, and fruity nuances gently emerge, lending supplementary character and depth to this drink, without forcibly steering it in any particular direction.



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