Myths & Legends I – CB

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Myths & Legends I – CB

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Bottled at 46% Not Chill-Filtered, Light 5 Micron Filtration, Natural Colour, Lead Whiskymakers: Jill Boyd and James Saxon

Two parcels of malt whisky from the same Northern Highland distillery tasted markedly different: the younger parcel was malty and citrusy, the older one much creamier with a ripe fruit character. Two distinct personalities but from the one distillery.

By combining these two parcels we have created a whisky full of fragrance with a more rounded complexity, one that provides a richer understanding of what this distillery can produce.

See here the whisky composition

  • Balblair 1997, First Fill Bourbon Barrels, 57.9%
  • Balblair 2003, Recharred American Oak Barrels, 42.1%



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