M&H Doppelbock beer cask – Art&Craft series

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M&H doppelbock beer cask – Art&Craft series

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This single malt whisky has been fully matured in ex-beer casks from the highly-acclaimed HaAretz Brewery. These casks, originally ex-bourbon casks granted to HaAretz by M&H, were in-turn used for the maturation of a special DoppelBock (double-bock) beer, characterized by a sweet aroma and a palate rich in chocolate and toasted malt notes. After 4-6 months, the beer was extracted and the casks returned to M&H, re-filled and matured to perfection for 3 years. One of the casks in the edition spent a full year of its maturation in the M&H Dead Sea Project, enhancing its flavor to the maximum.

58.3% alc/vol

Light to medium – Opens up with citrus, wildflowers and golden-delicious apple and evaporates to toffee, tobacco and dark chocolate.

Present to full – Vigorous orange ether and marzipan, green apple and orange peel in dark chocolate.

Medium – Distinct ripe banana accompanied with spearmint. Dark red apple, cocoa beans and biscuit gently takes over.


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