Le Domfrontais 15yo de Christian Drouin

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Le Domfrontais 15yo de Christian Drouin

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Produced in their cellar located in Domfront, Le Domfrontais by
Christian Drouin is a blend of Calvados aged between 3 to 5 years
in small oak barrels.

This one is 15yo, only 180 bottles worldwide.

The originality of the calvados Domfrontais Apellation comes from
the high percentage of perry pears and its simple distillation in a
column still.

The pear trees of the Domfront region, sometimes centuries old,
are large trees that produce small fruits with subtle aromas and
frank acidity. These pears (about 60% of the blend along with
apples) bring freshness, elegance and a crisp taste in a particularly
fruity Calvados.

45% alc.vol.



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