Kilchoman Cognac 50°

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Kilchoman Cognac 50°

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32 casks were chosen by Anthony Wills due to their exceptional quality. The Kilchoman spirit was filled into these Cognac casks and allowed to mature for at least six years in their warehouse. The Cognac casks originate from Tonellerie Bossuet (France). When blending these 32 casks, each individual cask plays a significant role in the final composition. Every cask has its own flavor profile, but when combined, a wonderfully rich, sweet spiciness emerges. The distinctive maritime peat smoke of Kilchoman shines through.

  • ABV 50%
  • PPM: 50 (heavily peated)
  • Limited Edition: 15,100 bottles

Tasting notes

Nose: An initial note of rich apple and pear forms the structure of this release. Spicy fresh fruit begins to emerge as the whisky opens up. Subtle tones of honey and warming spices develop over time. Peat remains delicate on the nose, adding a dryness to this release.

Palate: The texture from the slow distillation and the influence of cognac-infused oak provides a buttery consistency that persists throughout. Dried lemon and apricot are combined with cinnamon and nutmeg, held together by an influence of toasted oak and sweet peat smoke.

Finish: The depth of flavor imparted by the cognac casks to the Kilchoman spirit is unparalleled; dried fruit and marzipan give way to crystallized ginger, which brings sweetness and spiciness into balance. Lingering peat smoke is uplifted by the influence of citrus oil on the palate.


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