Drouin Foursquare Angels 19yo

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Drouin Foursquare Angels 19yo

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After exploring the islands of Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Martinique, the newest calvados, Drouin Foursquare Angels 19yo, from the House of Drouin was created in former Foursquare barrels for the 8th edition of the Christian Drouin Experimental series.

Foursquare is a renowned family distillery in Barbados known for producing highly aromatic rums. A 17-year-old Pays d’Auge calvados was placed in 8 ex-Foursquare barrels, and after maturing in these barrels for 17 months, the calvados was transferred to freshly toasted barrels for an additional 3 months before being bottled.

“Christian Drouin Experimental Foursquare Angels” is one of the most intense and rich expressions in the series. The base was a powerful 17-year-old calvados. The rum barrels imparted notes of brown sugar and vanilla, giving the calvados exceptional complexity and depth. Upon emptying the barrels, owner Guillaume Drouin found that an additional three months in freshly toasted barrels would further enhance the roundness and structure of this exotic marriage, achieving a perfect balance between the two worlds.

Tasting Profile:

Nose: Enchanting aromas of ripe, roasted apples, delicate vanilla, soft caramel, and brown sugar.

Palate: Smooth, harmonious flavors of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, and sweet spices.

Finish: Long and powerful, with hints of pine nuts and almonds.




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