Winter is Coming … and Mackmyra

Well, let’s see who is an open minded whisky enthousiast and who is not.

A lot of people swear by Scotch and I have to say they do make some really good stuff, but it’s quiet similar to the beer industry. Big companies sometimes stick to what they know, what sells good and so on.

Mackmyra is a fairly young distillery, but they managed to create great quality, Single Malt and did this in a unique way. A Swedish way!

They blend small casks, under 200L, with larger cask which gives intense aroma’s for fairly young whisky. Often they season there own casks with typical Swedish products and creating in this way a flavor palette that’s rather different from other whiskies you will have tried before.

In my humble opinion this is a great, modern, durable distillery, with a nice story behind it, but with a great, unique approach on how to produce whisky that distiguishes itself from other brands.

With winter coming, I thought it was time to put this distillery in the spotlight with their heartwarming drams.

Prepare for 4 weeks of Swedish specials.

Week 1: MACKMYRA GRUVGULD (gold from the mine) Check out and order here

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