The revelation of last year

It has been spinning in my head for a while now. Actually, since I joined their masterclass during Spirits in the Box 2020. I had seen several ads or posts passing on the internet and although I was intrigued by the titles and contents I never really took the time to read all the articles. Always to busy, you know?

Since I finished my own distillers education in 2020, the topic of terroir influence in whisky was and still is intriguing. Although at first sight you would not expect a big impact of terroir on the flavours you get in grains and even further down the line in spirits. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG.

If you are not familiar with Waterford Distillery, please read up on it. These guys really put the proof out their: TERROIR DOES IMPACT THE FLAVOUR IN WHISKY!!!

I really hate it that I am not part of their project. It is probably the most exciting news and development in the business. Although it is a hard project to follow from A to Z, it really seems to be worth the effort. In short, they distil and mature all their whiskies the same way, so no differences their, unless you want to discuss the uncontrollable, different influences that can take place in for example maturation. Every harvest from every farm they work with is kept separately and is distilled on its own. So what you get is the impact of the TERROIR, the soil, the weather,…

So, if you are looking for something exceptional, a series worth collecting to drink and compare each bottling next to the other, the get an education in terroir impact on flavours this is it. So far everything I tried has been fabulous, even though it is still young stuff.

Now available:

Waterford Single Farm Origin Ballymorgan 1.2

Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheetown 1.2

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 – The Arcadian Organic Gaia 1.1

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