The winners of a Unicorn are …

The big moment some people have been waiting for. No big screen scenario or professional ballot with legal supervision, just straight out of the living room after a hard days work on a bank holiday ?

Apologies for any wrong pronunciations or the ‘out of the top of my hat’ presentation.

We had 5 official participants for Longrow Red 15yo and Kilkerran Sherry cask, 15 Participants for Kilkerran Port cask and 17 for Springbank Local Barley 2021. Those who subscribed, but weren’t a customer, were taken out of the ballot.


  • Springbank Local Barley 2021: Derk Kooi
  • Longrow Red 15y Pinot Noir: Ratko Vranes
  • Kilkerran Port: Neel Sahni
  • Kilkerran Sherry: Ratko Vranes

Watch the video to see who won which bottle: congrats to all.

Send us an email to confirm you will buy the bottle at normal retail price, but with an open seal or marked label (your choice). If we do not get an email within 14 days, we will offer the bottle to someone else.

Cheers, enjoy the whisky and let us know how you like it.

Unicorns are coming

The start of a loyalty program

There are these unicorns, these bottles that get very popular among real whisky enthusiast who buy them to try them, compare them to previous releases, enjoy them with friends, …

But collectors and investors are also always on the lookout for these unicorns that do not pass every week. As a retailer and a whisky enthusiast, I enjoy it much better to see these bottles being popped open and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

So as a tiny shopkeeper with very limited allocations, I came up with the following concept to give everyone a fair chance to get their hands on these exclusive bottles.

The keyword will be LOYALTY!

From the 1st of April I will start keeping track of who buys on a regular basis in my web shop. To avoid speculation, I will always use a different focus point to decide your loyalty and the weight (number of entry tickets) you will get in a raffle.

For example: I could have a look at the amount spend during a certain period of time; maybe I don’t look at the amount spend, but rather to the number of bottles purchased or I could look at the number of bottles of non-whisky you have bought at the shop, … In short, no need to try and manipulate your chances. Each raffle will get its own focus point, which I will use to give weight to your account, so this will be different each and every raffle.

For example if I focus on the amount of bottles purchased in the last month to determine how many entries each costumers will get for the upcoming raffle and I give one entry ticket per purchased bottle, it is obvious that the one with the most purchased bottles will have the most entry tickets in the raffle and the highest chance to get picked, but if I would look in the same example at the money spend and give an entry ticket per €100 spend I could get a whole different amount of entries for the same person.

So, it is a key that you are already a costumer. You need to purchase a FREE, entry ticket for each and every raffle, if you like to participate. I will determine the number of entries you get in the raffle depending on the focus point of that specific raffle.

The winner of a raffle gets the chance to buy the bottle at the advertised price. The bottle will be opened, or the label will be marked to avoid it ending up on an auction. I will leave it to the costumer to choose what he prefers. Obviously, I prefer opening it and having a dram together, but that might not always be possible for some of you.

I will also check if people are interested in samples as it is a nice way to give more people at least the chance to have a try. For samples you only already need to be a costumer. I will apply a first come, first served principal.

These unicorns are coming shortly:

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