Watt? It’s all about the taste…

Watt Whisky

Watt Whisky holds a straightforward philosophy – it’s fundamentally centered around the taste experience. This is evident in their choice of a stylized taste bud as their logo. Their primary goal is to bottle exceptional whisky and rum that resonates with enthusiasts, all while maintaining a fair pricing structure. Their selections are essentially a reflection of their personal preferences, a litmus test of sorts. When they affix their name to a bottle, it speaks volumes about their unshakable confidence in its quality.

Transparency is a cornerstone for them; they strive to provide comprehensive information about the contents of each bottle. Attendees at Mark’s tastings would recall his candid perspective on chill filtering, a practice Watt Whisky resolutely avoids. Additionally, they steer clear of artificial coloring and extraneous additives, staying true to their commitment.

Watt Whisky takes an innovative approach by incorporating synesthetic experiences into their whisky categorization. The founder’s mild form of synaesthesia, where smells evoke colors, led to a unique concept: grouping whiskies by their associated colors instead of traditional regions. This idea resulted in 9 color-based taste bud categories, offering 27 diverse choices.

For instance, if a whisky’s scent brings to mind “olive green,” that hue is reflected on the label. The aim is to help those who enjoy one color-associated whisky discover similar ones. While not scientifically validated, this imaginative approach adds an intriguing layer to the whisky selection process. Watt Whisky plans to explore this further through an upcoming blog post, sharing examples of whiskies within these color-based categories. It’s a playful experiment that reflects Watt Whisky’s commitment to creativity and enjoyment in the whisky experience.

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