Springbank 10y Local Barley (2021),… – Whisky going the wrong way!

Pppppffffff, this is a difficult one.

For a while now I am frustrated by the amount of nice, limited whiskies that are being bought by people who are never going to open the bottle and taste that golden treasure inside. To many people nowadays seem to buy whisky as an investment and that is a real pity for the real whisky enthusiast, who isn’t able to get his hands on these limited gems unless he pays big money for it.

As whisky retailer I should be happy that I could increase my profits by 200-300% for such bottles and that’s also my struggle within. I could make good money on these bottles, but the whisky enthusiast in me seems to win the battle as I am going to offer a few of these hard to get bottles at affordable prices for all those who have been loyal customers (or maybe will become).

These bottles are probably all sold out in your regular shops and are offered at ridiculous prices at auctions or on whiskybase. Springbank Local Barley is already at €300 on whiskybase to give you a reference.

These prices are offered to people who will crack open that bottle and enjoy it, preferable with friends, but I’ll leave that up to you. In order to try and keep them out of auctions every bottle and package will have a big written “Thistle +sell date” on it, so it loses it’s collectable value. So be aware that you buy these beauties to enjoy them, not to make money out of it.

How to participate in the raffle?

You can now ‘buy’ a raffle ticket for each of the 3 bottles offered.

The raffle ticket is completely free of charge.

You are only allowed 1 ticket per bottle (if you try to cheat you will be excluded from the raffle entirely).

You can only participate to enter the raffle if you have purchased other products with us before the date of the raffle on 1st of June 2021 and have registered for the newsflash/letter. So new people can quickly become ‘loyal’ customers before the big date.

Take your raffle ticket below by ordering the bottle(s) you would like to buy

€ 69 – Raffle ticket- Kilkerran 8yo Cask Strength (2021)
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