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During her regular tastings in the Bodås mine and on the island Fjäderholmarna, our Master Blender Angela D’Orazio, sometimes come across casks that distinguish themselves from the rest. For a long time, Angela have dreamt of making something really special with these casks. That’s why we created the Mackmyra Moment series: our most unique casks in very limited editions.

– We have a number of casks in Bodås and at Fjäderholmarna that are so exquisite that it would be a shame to use them in our large bottlings, where their unique character will blend into the masses. That’s why we, for some time now, have talked about finding some other way to release this exclusive whisky to the public, Angela says.


Mackmyra Moment is a series of whiskies from our most exclusive casks, handpicked by Master Blender Angela D’Orazio. Each edition comes in a distinguished black carton with a specific colour scheme and a modern bottle design with an engraved metal plaque.

Since the number of casks per bottling are so few, the editions in the Moment series are very limited. The first editions to be released were Moment Medvind and Moment Urberg who where launched on 15 December 2010 in the exclusive range at the Swedish monopoly store Systembolaget.

Since then, several unique Moment editions have been released. Read more about them in the menu to your left.


Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 46,1 % vol.

Moment Prestige is an eleven year old whisky aged on casks of French oak that previously held wine from the artisinal Champagne producer Philipponnat.

When making Champagne, Philipponnat only uses the finest grapes, mainly from Premier and Grand cru vineyards, and then let parts of the wine age on oak casks. To the whisky, these casks bring crisp notes of white wine, grapefruit, bread and toasted oak.

The youngest part of the whisky has been aged between the years 2006 – 2017, and the oldest part, which makes up 40% of the total volume, was aged between the years 2004 – 2017.

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