Bowmore 16yo at cask strenght

I’m not often blown away by expensive bottles, because they don’t live up to expectations. Often the big price difference with other average priced quality bottles is not justified by more flavour sensations. Most of the time it’s the iconic brands, the collectability, the investment value, the closed distillery status,… that pushes the prices up.

As some people may know I am a big fan of Teeling Distillery because of their fruity whiskies they tend to produce. Well, this Bowmore seems Single Cask Teeling Whiskey with an additional smoke and peated layer wrapping the whole thing together. If you are looking for exotic, fruity, smoked & peated whisky then this is it. At cask strenght it’s a fully bodied whisky that lingers on.

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Bowmore 2000 16y

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