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Well, as you might have noticed we have been away for a while. After a long, big stressfull struggle to find a new, interesting job, travelling for a month to Canada after starting that job for 2 weeks and saying goodbye to one of the most important person in my life, I might have found the motivation again to post some stuff about whisky.

I can tell you that there are quite a few things in the making, but I’ll come back to them when time is ripe. So be sure you have subscribed to the newsletter. If you only bought something in the past that will  not keep you posted on the new things in the making.


For now just a “Bottle in the picture”!

Holidays are almost over, so cash is low, but the urge for good whisky still there. So here is one of my favorite independent bottler’s with a really great value for money dram. This bottle really shows you the advantage of blended Scotch, but the expected quality of a Single Malt. 70% Sherry matured and 30% bourbon cask, all that richeness for less than 50 euros.

You can enjoy this one on your own, having some quality time, or just empty it a one night amongst friends. It will in either case not disappoint.

Click here to order

Cadenheads 12yo Blend

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