A taste of things to come …

Arran … Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Single Cask, Cask Strength … à la Belge.

Almost done. The adventure of finding a whisky cask of good quality, a whisky with the right character to marry with the particular flavours from the unique, Belgian, artisanal Cantillon Kriek-Lambic beer, has come to an end.

It’s time to get your opinion on this exceptional experiment. Come and try it at MEUG Tasting Festival on Saturday 24th February.  www.meug.be

There will only be 248 boxes available, so be quick, if you want to get your hands on one.

A box contains:

  • 2x 37,5cl Cantillon Kriek-Lambic with special label
  • 2x 35,0cl Arran à la Belge 55,3% – Cantillon Finish




Tom Van Gyseghem

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