A complete Campfire Dram review on Glen Moray à la Belge

As most of you know we don’t like to tell you what something tastes like, whether you have to like this dram or that other one. Taste is something very personal and basically you are never wrong, but it is fun to discuss our different interpretations of a dram.

So, we love it when people write a review or send us feedback on our whisky. It also means they cracked that bottle open to enjoy and not to make money out of it at a later time. In the end that is why we try to create new and interesting whisky. After a video review by Mark Watt we have the pleasure to get some feedback of Mickaël of the Campfire Dram.

But let me just shut up and let Mickaël do the talking:

As promised, my review of the Glen Moray à la Belge, a Speyside whisky with a Cantillon cask finish!Here are my tasting notes. Full review on the blog!In the nose, I was greeted with syrupy cherries (the dark ones), reminding me of cherry pie, with a delicate balance between sweet and sour. There’s some caramel as well, and even a light poster paint scent. My advice is to give the dram some time to fully develop in the nose, after which you’ll be able to enjoy dark chocolate notes too, moving towards cocoa beans and cocoa butter.I enjoyed the wood flavors that are present while tasting the whisky, and I’m happy that there was a slightly bitter note as well, besides the vanilla and toffee. At the core, I discovered a gentle and pleasantly sour note, which then moved high up towards my hard palate. I also had a slight tingle on my upper lip. The finish is long, and reveals a bit more wood and even some cherry pits. But then, I sipped the Cantillon beer. And man. It was divine. The red fruit and cherry flavors, the sour notes, the combination with the chocolate in the nose. It all fit so naturally, so beautifully. I think I might even try some Black Forest cherry pie (Schwarzwalder Kirsch) with this next time. My birthday is coming up…

You can find the full article here

Glen Moray à la Blege and Kriek Cantillon in one box

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