10 for Teeling

Buy 1 Teeling Single Pot Still and 1 Teeling Single Cask CS 2002 and get 10 EUR off.

Teeling Single Cask 2002 NEC

The Teeling Single Cask 2002 is a powerfull, full body Irish whiskey. This is old stock the Teeling family was able to recover when selling Cooley Whiskey Company to Beam. This is excellent whisky, but not for inexperienced drinkers.

Teeling Single Pot Still

The Teeling Single Pot Still is the first commercial original Irish whiskey expression produced in the new distillery in Dublin. If you are a fan this is a must have. It is only now that you can buy this one. Afterwards it is to late or prices might be ridiculous.

To celebrate this new milestone here is a gift for whoever is up for it.

Coupon code: 10 for Teeling

Coupon only valide when you buy the 2 products.


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